Metal Hoppers for Additive Manufacturing

Carpenter Additive hoppers are the smart solution to the bulk transportation and storage challenges of metal powders for AM.

These ergonomic stainless-steel hoppers enable the safe transportation of large amounts of powder, minimizing the risk of material contamination and enabling customers to concentrate on producing parts with reliability and peace of mind. Providing a closed-loop solution, from point of atomization to the loading of the AM machine.

  •  Reduces 17kg of plastic waste for 450kg of powder
  •  Reusable and recyclable 
  •  Allows for bulk transportation of hazardous material 
  •  Reduces risk by minimizing manual handling
  •  Minimizes potential contamination 

Purpose-designed exclusively for AM metal powders, Carpenter Additive hoppers have a material capacity of up to 850 kg. The hoppers are designed to allow powder to be transported under inert conditions, ensuring the materials stay free from gaseous contaminants such as oxygen and nitrogen and other foreign bodies – critical, as contamination can lead to failed builds and can affect the final mechanical properties of built parts.

The hoppers are designed and clearly labelled to be alloy specific with the option of a unique QR code to link to the optional software, to monitor and control traceability and manage inventory. A complimentary range of Carpenter Additive's products and adaptors allow for the hopper to be seamlessly integrated into your AM value chain.

As the world becomes more environmentally conscientious, it's important to reflect, how conscientious is your business? Typically, in the AM industry, powder is received in plastic containers, resulting in approximately 17kg of plastic waste for 450kg of powder in an AM build. Carpenter Additive can support businesses on their journey to improve the environment with the environmentally friendly, bulk transportation solution. The hopper is reusable, recyclable and easy to clean.


PowderTrace Product Information

Two Variants:
120L & 230L


140 Kg Net Weight
600 Kg Max Gross Weight

Width – 800mm
Depth – 860mm
Height – 954mm

150 Kg Net Weight
1150 Kg Max Gross Weight

Width – 800mm
Depth – 860mm
Height – 1190mm


120 L PowderTrace dimensions


 230 L PowderTrace dimensions

 Maximum Fill Weights of Powder





440 Kg

843 Kg


440 Kg

843 Kg


290 Kg



450 Kg

863 Kg


150 Kg

288 Kg


Connection Types:

Top Fill flange – 4” KF

Bottom Butterfly Flange – 4” KF


Material ID Plates: (Optional linked product?)

Carpenter Additive has an internal colour scheme, to represent each base metal for the alloy.

A representative material identification plate will be supplied when powder is purchased and stored in a PowderTrace. Alternatively, the end user can request a deviation from our recommendation.