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High-Temperature Nickel-Base

PowderRange® 939

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Alternate Names:

CM 939 Weldable, Nickel Alloy IN939, Ni-Alloy IN939

PowderRange® 939W is a high-temperature alloy with excellent strength and wear resistance properties at high temperature. This is an additive manufacturing variant of cast alloy IN939, typically used in hot gas path components inside gas turbines, for example, vanes, blades, and shrouds.


PowderRange® 939W has high resistance to both high-temperature oxidation and corrosion, as well as good high temperature mechanical properties, such as creep resistance and thermally induced, low cycle fatigue. The alloy may also be hardened using precipitation-hardening heat treatments.

  • Nickel Balance
  • Manganese 0.50%
  • Titanium 3.00-4.5 %
  • Chromium 22.00-23.00%
  • Niobium 0.50-1.5%
  • Silicon 0.50%
  • Zirconium 0.10%
  • Nickel Balance
  • Carbon 0.15%
  • Cobalt 18.0-20.0%
  • Tungsten 1.00-3.00%
  • Aluminum 1.00-3.0%
  • Tantalum 1.00-1.80%
  • Boron 0.01%

Key Properties

  • High-temperature tensile strength
  • High-temperature wear resistance
  • High-temperature oxidation resistance
  • High-temperature corrosion resistance
  • Markets:

  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Industrial
  • Applications:

  • Engine components
  • Hot gas path turbine components